Monday, 11 June 2012

Tim Holtz in Brisbane!

I just returned from a wonderful crafty weekend in Brisbane (2.5 hours from Melbourne by plane). You may wonder why I travelled all the way there when Tim Holtz is also conducting workshops in Melbourne. Well, unfortunately, we will be overseas when he is in Melbourne, so I could see no better excuse to go up there and attend the Brisbane Scrapbook and Papercraft Expo on the same weekend. I travelled up to Brisbane with my friend Fran, who was interested in attending Tim's workshop too but had no one to go with her in Melbourne. We left Melbourne last Friday very early in the morning (cheaper flight) and attended the workshop in the afternoon. We decided to have lunch near the Grand Chancellor beforehand and ended up having lunch with two lovely fellow crafters - Chrissy from Brisbane and Janie (Paper T'Art) from Perth. Janie, Fran and I sat together at Tim's workshop. This blog will be long as I have lots of photos to share!
Janie, Fran and Cecilia at Tim's Workshop
The man himself explaining how good Collage Glue is!
All the materials provided for the project 'Artful Flight'
Details of the top canvas
Details of the bottom canvas piece with a film strip and nib added
Voila! My finished piece!

Tim Holtz!

Tim's BTS man, Mario Rossi!
All attendees at the Workshop (there were 50 in the morning and 50 in the afternoon) got an apron from Ranger and a Tim Holtz satchel (which is not available for purchase). There were also lucky door prizes given out at the end of the class. Thank you to Mario for preparing all the items needed for the the project to enable us to finish the project within 2 hours. Tim was available for about an hour after the workshop to sign autographs and take photos with every single participant. We were lucky to be part of the workshop and had Tim all to ourselves for three hours. It was impossible to get close to Tim the following two days at the Brisbane Scrapbook and Papercraft Expo! Thank you to Di and Chad from Stamp-It Australia for sponsoring Tim's visit to Australia. It was so good for me to try out some of the products used in Creative Chemistry 101 and also to be up close and personal to the Tim himself!! Thank you Tim for your inspirations!
Links to the rest of Tim's visit in Australia can be found on my 'Links' page.

Tim's Printer Tray - all the details!!

Tim's Quilting on Canvas!

Tim at the Stamp-It stand at the Expo on the weekend - it was impossible to get close to him!


  1. Sounds like it was absolutely fabulous Cecilia!! So glad you had a wonderful time!

  2. this looks like you had a ball! i am off to see tim on sunday at his sydney workshop! really looking forward to it. but it is a 2 hour drive each way:(

  3. Great write-up Cecilia. Thank you to your and Fran for sharing your table with me at the workshop - it was a brilliant afternoon!
    Can't wait until the weekend when I can actually start to play with all the stuff I brought home with me. I ended up going back and exploring Lynette Carroll's booth at the Expo, and you're right - she is an amazing designer. Love her ideas and her colours!

    Glad to hear that you and Fran had a great time, and that you both got home safely.

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