Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Paper Couture

I was lucky to be given a front row seat at the recent launch of the Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. I went with a friend and we were also given two VIP Bar passes. We arrived an hour early so that we can check out the VIP Bar beforehand. The venue for the launch was at the Melbourne Town Hall. When we were shown to the VIP Bar area, I noticed a vase of beautiful white paper flowers and commented on them. Our Hostess then asked if we would like to see more. We were shown into the Portico Room (this is a historical room that leads out to the Balcony of the Town Hall, many stars have been on this Balcony over the years including the Beatles when they were given the key to the city back in the 60's). This room has been converted into the Hospitality Room for MSFW. The decorator for this room is none other than Cristina Re (she is paper stationery designer) - I'm a big fan of her papers and have used them in the past. She has decorated the whole room and the Balcony area with just WHITE PAPER - dresses, hats, flowers and also her signature tea sets. As we were there at night, the items from the Balcony were all inside this room. I took some photos, close ups as I was interested in all the intricate details. I later found a link on her blog. Here are my photos and I have also included a couple of shots from the parade, which we thoroughly enjoyed later in the night.

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  1. Thanks for sharing those photos - looks like it was quite an amazing event!


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