Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Mali in the City 2

The rest of the 24 Mali's were located along the Yarra river and at various locations North of the city including two at the entrance of the Melbourne Zoo. One very intelligent Mali was located in front of the Medical Faculty at the University of Melbourne. My favourites out of this lot includes Faunaphant at Eureka building and The Frank Realities at Melbourne University.

Along the Yarra 13
Mirka's Mali by Mirka Mora sponsored by Schweppes 
Wave to Mali by Andrea Carydias sponsored by Clark Rubber 
Mali's Dreaming by Judy Nicholson sponsored by Wurundjeri Tribe Land
 and Compensation Cultural Heritage Council
Kevin Presley by Steve Monk sponsored by Equipsuper 

No Ordinary Elephant by Nicole Slater sponsored by Melbourne Storm 
Bromley Two by David Bromley sponsored by Pricewaterhouse Coopers 
Tiger Mali by Andy Murphy sponsored by Melbourne Tigers 
Self-Portrait by Mali the Elephant sponsored by Zoos Victoria 
Elephantasy by Elise Martinson sponsored by VicSuper 
Faunaphant by Sarah Hogan sponsored by Eureka Skydeck 
Urban Jungle by Jake Latimer sponsored by Mitchell Family Office 
Spooky Possum Mali by Pippa Makgill sponsored by The Hamilton Family 
Humanageric by Sally Heinrich sponsored by Herald and Weekly Times 
Mali's North of the City
These lovelies were some of the first ones I photographed as they were all located within walking distrance from work. They were at Victoria Market, Parkville, Melbourne University and at the Zoo. I miss seeing them on the way to work since they were taken away last week! The Ming Vase Mali was the very first one I photographed with my iPhone.

Ming Vase Elephant by Brian Cheung sponsored by EcoFuture 
Patch by Amy Robinson sponsored by Spotlight Stores Charitable Foundation 
The Frank Realities by Antonia Marshall sponsored by The University of Melbourne  
Stripes by Keri Le Page sponsored by Tiger Airways  
A Pattern of Orange-bellied Parrots by Vanessa Bong sponsored by Queen Victoria Market 
Mali is Listening to the Earth by Victor Holder sponsored by Sanitarium Foods 
Mali Dreams by Chantelle Ferri sponsored by Irene Irving and Associates 
Botani by Michael Skilney sponsored by Botani Skincare 
Gabriel by Jacqueline Le Soeuf sponsored by Werribee Open Range Zoo 
Here Today by Elise Martinson sponsored by Deakin University 
Pond Dreaming by David Higgins sponsored by Melbourne Zoo 


  1. Wow these are so beautiful. Some of the work is absolutely stunning!! I live in Calgary, Canada and we peppered our downtown with painted cows one year...probably a decade ago...reminded me of that!!

    On another note, you have really nice work :)

  2. In case you're interested:

    1. Thanks Michelle! I had a look, maybe our Zoos copied your concept! The cows looked great, love the one upright with driving googles and scarf!It was so nice for us to see these beautiful sculptures in the city and created a lot of interest for locals and tourists.


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